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Video gives you a very good idea into your candidates oral communication and presentation skills.


Here's your chance to use a tool that makes it easy to share the applicants with your co-workers.


Video gives you a lot more personal information about the person you are about to hire - that makes it easier to make the right decisions.

How it works

If you need any more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Create a link

    We have made it easy as a recruiter to implement CoverVideo into your recruitment process. All you have to do is come up with your best three questions and we'll generate you a shareable link.

  • Share the link with your candidates.

    Once you send the link to the candidates you can get back to your everyday tasks while you wait for the replies. Make sure to include a deadline.

  • Applicants will record the video

    Your applicants will have 30 seconds to answer to each of your questions. We'll notify you once they are ready for you to review.

  • Review the videos

    It's time to review the videos and short list the ones that are the RIGHT fit for you!

  • Done

    And you're done!

    It's time to take a break and think about how much time you just saved!

Frequently asked questions

The answer is: which ever you prefer. We recommend using it after the initial CV screening but it's not limited to any specific recruitment phase. Many recruiters use CoverVideo to replace telephone interviews.
Depending on where you plan on implementing this, it could be anything from hours to weeks. A video interview could be reviewed within 90 seconds, in comparison to a typical 20 minute telephone interview.
Not only does video make it easy to screen for the right candidates, it also saves times for both parties. There are a lot of fantastic people out there who may not represent themselves well on paper but might be a better match.

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